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What is Compliance?

[kuh m-plahy-uh ns] n.
  1. the act of conforming, acquiescing, or yielding.
  2. conformity; accordance: in compliance with orders.
  3. cooperation or obedience: Compliance with the law is expected of all.
  4. Physics!?

Compliance should be a seamless part of your business plan that adds value to your company. If you don't think of it that way then ILoveCompliance is here to show you a better way!

Our Services
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Industries We Serve

ILC focuses on the Cannabis and Hemp industries supporting clients in cultivation, manufacturing, retail/dispensary, and laboratory services, with secondary expertise in educating Law Enforcement in these industries.

Every client is important, it doesn’t matter if you have a single license with 5 employees or you are an MSO (Mult-State Operator) with hundreds of employees across many states.

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We Love Our Clients!

Eric Steenstra
President, Vote Hemp

Hemp compliance is all about sound operational practices. ILC has an experientially diverse team and if they don’t have the answers, they know someone that will. Any operator working in hemp needs a team like this on their side.

Michael Dunaway
General Manager, Sunburst Pharm

Tim has taken the burden of compliance from our shoulders. I don’t have to worry because ILC is there if we have a question or need an extra set of hands to perform a compliance task required by the state. It allows us to focus on our customers.

Herman Dunst
COO, Trilogy Wellness

Do the ROI—if you hire an employee to oversee compliance then you make human error a potential risk factor. It’s cheaper to use ILC's technology than hire a full-time employee. They're cost-effective and give you peace of mind.

Don Schaefer
VP Retail, Ascend Wellness

I’ve worked with Tim for over 4 years, and I know that while I sleep at night, they're staying on top of compliance at our organization. When something in the regulatory environment changes, they’re the first to let us know.

Chuck Henn
Partner/COO, Peninsula Alternative Health

ILC has really good relationships with the commission—Tim goes to bat for us with anything we need. Him and his team are super responsive too, I never wait more than 30 minutes for a callback. They’re an absolute godsend!

Colleen Pattalochi
Executive Chair, Maryland Health & Wellness

ILC is the best money we spend every month & the easiest check to write. Tim and Abby have never given us incorrect information—I recommend retaining their services as early into your operation as possible.

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