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Compliance Audit

Cannabis and Hemp organizations require a strong compliance framework.  We can provide audit review services either in person or through desk audits.  Want to know where you stand, let us get you started.

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Business Consulting Services

Not sure where to start? IloveCompliance provides business consulting services around the operation of your business as it relates to compliance. We offer a full review of your business operations before providing consultation in the areas of sales, marketing, advertising, employee training, and much more.

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Technology Review Services

Are you overwhelmed on what technologies to use within your Cannabis business? Let ILC help procure those technologies and ensure they integrate seamlessly into your business day-to-day. We can act as part of your team, asking the questions that software companies don’t like to answer. We can also connect you with other clients who have experience with the technologies to get their feedback.

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Policy, SOP and Training

If you’re not sure where to start when developing policies, procedures, or training, know this; we have helped clients go from nothing to a robust compliance program—meeting all local, state, and federal regulations and rules. If you’re applying for a license, have our team create a compliance manual supplement to include in your application. Dispensary operations are at our core, but we have experience developing cultivation and manufacturing best practices as well.

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Document Management

Document management and quality control platforms are a must. We represent PowerDMS, a compliance platform that can be used by just the compliance team or all employees. It is currently used by over 4,500 organizations to manage compliance operations in Cannabis, Law Enforcement, Fire Services, Banking, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Aviation, Education, Oil and Gas, amongst other areas. The platform has over 20 years of CYA experience—remember if it isn’t documented it didn’t happen!

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Managed Compliance Services

Are you looking at hiring a compliance person?  Why not hire a team instead.  ILoveCompliance can help to supplement or even manage the process through our Compliance as a Service (CaaS) offering. We take your operational content and connect it to reduce vulnerabilities. Our team becomes immersed in day-to-day operations to conduct remote auditing services, investigative reporting, human resource management recommendations, certificate and license renewal tracking, and much more. You are not just getting one person; you get a team with substantial experience in the Cannabis and Hemp markets.

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