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Company History

In 2014, before ILoveCompliance, Tim and Abbigail Gunther were actively involved in law enforcement—Tim in compliance technologies, and Abbigail as a law enforcement officer. More and more, they took notice of a movement emerging on the west coast in support of cannabis legalization. Their curiosity ultimately led them to the City of Denver’s 1st Marijuana Symposium to learn more.

They returned home in time to see their son’s lacrosse tournament—it was there that Tim and Abbigail were discussing everything they had learned while in Denver. They quickly realized the imminent need for compliance and operational education in an emerging cannabis market. It was clear that both regulators and licensees were learning “on the fly” as they operated, and needed sherpas to guide them through.

That’s when IloveCompliance was born.

We have to thank our son for participating in a lacrosse tournament that sparked the fire to start ILoveCompliance!

Together ILC forms a Veteran, Woman, Minority-owned business that supports Cannabis and Hemp clients who operate in over 30 states to create strong compliance programs, streamlining operations, and reducing the overall risk to their businesses.

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ILC participated in over 20 initial inspections with clients looking to go operational—all were approved to open.  

ILC participated in over 40 inspections with clients who were being audited by state regulators after they went operational.  

Since 2017, Tim Gunther has been an active member of the ASTM D37 Cannabis Committee to develop the Cannabis industry standards. Tim also participates in many cannabis compliance workshops related to Good Manufacturing Practices, Food Safety, Labeling Requirements, Delivery Operations, and other compliance matters.

Abbigail Gunther is a lifetime member of the CBDIA (Cannabinoid Industry Association) and promotes the education of hemp and its benefits to the general public.

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ILoveCompliance is committed to increasing the cannabis industry’s diversity through programs that favor other veteran, women, and minority-owned emerging businesses. We offer consulting services to socially equity applicants at a reduced fee structure. Our goal is to afford those applicants the same advantages as larger and better-funded organizations.


ILoveCompliance works with cannabis legislative bodies and industry associations to educate individuals on the complexities of the regulation governing businesses. This work aims to inform them, so representatives may better assist their constituents in the realm of compliance. ILC also actively participates in state and federal regulatory committees to develop operations regulations and statutes that govern the industry.

Visit the Law Enforcement page to learn more about our “Reefer Madness” workshops in partnership with Daigle Law Group.

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