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Hemp Cultivation

The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill created an incredible opportunity in our agricultural sector for farmers looking to venture into hemp with its multitude of uses and benefits. Of course, this opportunity came with its own challenges due to new regulations and guidelines released by the USDA, FDA, and individual states. 

We work with hemp farmers to consider things like testing protocols on potency levels throughout the growing process. When growing any crop, there are good agricultural practices to follow—and yes, this is part of loving compliance! ILC works with farmers to create cultivation plans and equipment preventative maintenance program, and employee training—all essential pieces to effective cultivation compliance.

A great resource is the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) GMP Checklist—we can talk about how to incorporate this with any hemp cultivation operation.

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Hemp Manufacturing & Production

If you’re a manufacturer processing hemp—do you understand the Principles of Good Manufacturing? If you’re producing hemp products for consumption, do you provide your employees with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and regular Safety Training? How about a recall or HACCP Plan?

If you haven’t thought of these, you should reach out to see how ILC can help you develop a comprehensive compliance program for your hemp operation.

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Hemp Labs

Hemp lab testing is far more comprehensive than merely a measure of <0.3% total THC. It’s the measure pesticides in the products, including heavy metals. It’s the analysis and breakdown of terpenes and other markers.

Labs should know what ISO 17025 accreditation is—and if not, get in touch! Ensure the quality of your program is reflected in your documentation, and updated regularly. IloveCompliance is here to help!

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Hemp Retail Outlets (Online or Storefront)

Are you an online or brick-and-mortar hemp retail outlet? If so, are you providing a COA (Certificate of Analysis) with every product you sell?

Are you doing regular label reviews and staff training for customer interaction? If you haven’t read an FDA or FTC warning letter sent to a retail hemp business, we recommend it. We analyze many enforcements in our updates section because the fines can be astronomical, and we want our clients to be prepared.

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