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Cannabis Cultivation

The regulations surrounding the cultivation of the marijuana plant are ever-changing as we learn more about this industry.

Cultivators should consider things like the last time they reviewed their operational SOP’s with their teams, or how to maintain an approved vendor control list and ingredient control program. If cultivators have in-person visits to their cultivation site, they need to consider PPE protocols, contamination recall plans, and more.

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Cannabis Manufacturing & Production

It’s an exciting and challenging time to be in Cannabis Manufacturing & Production—mainly due to the sheer magnitude of the products being produced and the risk of counterfeiting.

It’s essential to stand out from the crowd with appropriate packaging and labeling but also with how you run your business. Do you have an approved vendor control list? Do you maintain an ingredient control program? Lead with compliance, and you’ll never be left behind.

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Cannabis Labs

Cannabis lab testing is at the heart of marijuana regulation and compliance. To understand how to regulate the products to differing degrees, we must understand the composition of the products and how they impact consumers.

Labs should continue making inroads toward better testing for things like pesticides, heavy metals, the analysis of terpenes, and more. Labs that maintain a quality manual that’s updated regularly will show better with regulators than those without one. Do you know what ISO 17025 is? ILC has the experience to help streamline your testing environment.

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Cannabis Dispensaries

Cannabis dispensaries have so many moving parts to their compliance, from the storefront to product sourcing and employee training—have you thought of everything?

For example, have you ever conducted a mock recall on a product? Or, if someone asked to see a list of employees who have signed off on the company’s Waste SOP, could you produce it on a moment’s notice? What about regular staff training—is that something you’re actively doing and documenting?

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