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$12,500 Fine: Exceeding Patient Limit on Purchase

Green Bean East, Inc, dba Green Galaxy Meds Inc, received a $12,500 fine for not having the proper processes and systems in place to properly process a medical marijuana patient during a transaction. The dispensary sold edibles to a patient and recorded an invalid patient ID number, there were no checks and balances between the POS and METRC. The same location was not able to show how they validate that a patient has not gone over their recommended monthly limit.

Have you done a compliance check of your POS and integration with the state-run seed-to-sale tracking system, in this case, it was METRC.

It is important that you have checks and balances in place to verify that you are selling to a valid medical patient and also that you do not oversell them based on what is allowed in the state.

You can view the full consent order, Green Bean East, Inc. dba Green Galaxy Meds, Inc., PC-000122, Consent Order and Stipulation and Formal Complaint

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